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Whether it’s a lingering back pain, a frozen shoulder, or a sports injury that you’re looking to recover from, you can now get treated in the comfort of your home, by certified, specialized and experienced physiotherapists

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a hands-on treatment that aims to help people of all ages restore and maintain their overall strength, function, movement, and well-being. A personalized care plan is created for every client, tailored to their individual needs, to help treat symptoms of illness, injury, or disability. Physiotherapy can be both preventative and rehabilitative.

The Spectrum Physio Phases Of Treatment

To help achieve your goals our team will take you through the phases of treatment using a variety of skills, including exercise, education, manipulation, mobilisation and massage.

Acute Phase

This stage is particularly relevant if you have acute pain. The aim is to settle any inflammation or swelling and to reduce pain you may be experiencing.

Baseline Phase

When the acute pain has resolved, we work to restore the body to pre-injury flexibility and begin a personalised strengthening programme.

Prevention Phase

This is key to preventing re-occurrence. We target the cause of the original injury, focusing on returning to optimal strength and correcting compensations.

Why Choose Physiotherapy With Senior Resource Center?

Safe & Clean Environment

Your physiotherapy treatment will be carried out in a professional, clean and safe environment in which the highest clinical hygiene procedures are upheld.

We’re Fully Insured

All of our Chartered Physiotherapists are fully insured  This gives you peace of mind that you are in the safest hands. 


Highly Trained Physio Team

Our Physios have all been university trained to the highest standards and all of those who perform acupuncture have completed additional, intensive and highly focused training and courses.

Get the Care You Deserve

Compassionate, specialized medical care delivered in the comfort of your home.