Seniors Resource Center

House visits covering the state of Illinois.

Doctor House Calls for Seniors

As you age it is very important to have regular checkups and doctor visits, but it maybe more difficult for you to get to the doctor’s office, especially during a global pandemic. Senior Resource Center Home Visit Doctor comes to you, we make it much more convenient for you to get doctor’s care and attention in the security and comfort of your home.

  • We also visit seniors in assisted living, family member’s home, hotel, or any place you are located (except hospitals).
  • Telehealth appointments available – via phone or online live video, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Doctor is also available for non-urgent and non-emergency questions via phone and email.
  • Safer, no travel required, and less stressful, during a pandemic, or anytime.
  • No waiting in a crowded doctor’s office, exposed to other patient’s germs or illnesses.
  • No hassle payments, we bill Medicare directly.

Call to make an appointment

Get the Care You Deserve

Compassionate, specialized medical care delivered in the comfort of your home.

How A Home Visit Works

Make an Appointment

Please call (312) 535-7375 or email – we will call you back to set up an appointment. Available for non-urgent and non-emergency visits, Monday to Friday.

Licensed Physician Visit

The service will be the same as at the doctor’s office, but in the comfort of your home.

We can be your primary care physician or be part of your healthcare team. If you need the services of other healthcare providers, he can help set up those services. Between visits you can also reach us by phone and email.

Medical Exam, Prescriptions & Tests

Your medical history, diagnoses and lab results will be carefully reviewed, medications reviewed and/or prescribed. Needed tests like bloodwork can be ordered and more complicated tests like X-ray, ultra-sound scan, ECG (electro-cardiogram) can be also done at home.

We Bill Medicare

If you have Medicare it will not cost you anything, our office will bill Medicare directly. If you do not have Medicare, then your fee is due at the time of visit, we accept cash, check, and credit card.